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Resolving Elder Care Issues Through Mediation

The inevitable course of the aging process often raises a host of emotionally charged issues. These issues have the potential to trigger divisive family disputes no matter how well-intentioned family members may be. 
The list of potential issues is a long one — whether to live alone and independently; when and where to move; financial management; and, of course, medical treatment decisions, including end-of-life care issues. The list goes on. Often decisions must be made under stressful, time-pressured conditions, and families can easily be torn apart when disagreements arise. 
Mediation can be an effective means of resolving age-related issues without causing undue strain within the family. A mediator is an objective third-party professional trained to facilitate the peaceful resolution of difficult and sensitive issues. Mediation sessions are private, confidential and completely voluntary. Everyone gets a chance to express their interests and concerns in a calm setting. 
The mediator d…

New Article on Caregivers

The NY Times had a nice article yesterday from the perspective of a medical professional regarding the important role of caregivers.  This article noted the sacrifices many adult children are making to care for aging parents, all the while juggling their own children and other family and work responsibilities.  The article ends with links to some resources, such as support groups for caregivers, and also adds a bright note that in some circumstances being a caregiver can strengthen relationships.  Let us hope that all who are caring for their loved ones reach out for the support they need and are aware of resources available to them. 
The full article can be found here: Who Will Care for the Caregivers?

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