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Finance and Taxes Meet Technology

I will confess that I am not very tech savvy.I have, however, found a few helpful apps that even I can manage:
One app that I have used for a while now is from started out as just a website that my husband and I used to get a snapshot of all our accounts.It lets you link to your bank accounts, credit card accounts, anything you can see online.Once I found the app, I had all of that information right at my fingertips.It also lets you create a budget and has a bill reminder feature.
The IRS has its own app, IRS2Go, which I have not used very much, but does have some useful information, like contact numbers for the IRS and new articles on also includes a tool that is supposed to let you check your refund status.
An app that I believe is helpful to small businesses is Snap Payroll.This tool lets you put in your employees' gross pay and calculates the amount of withholding required.It also gives you some tips about paying payroll taxes.This app won't tell you ev…